Sushmita & Vamsi, Intimate Telugu Wedding in Hyderabad

April 18, 2020

This one here happens to be one of the most challenging wedding I have witnessed in my career. It also turned out to the one closest to my heart, not that it was fancy or grand, but still it was something out of the world.

I needn’t tell much about this wedding. As Sushmita described it for me so beautifully in her review, which not only made my day but will also give you a perspective on how it was special not just to me and her but her family despite all the challenges. So here it goes :-

“I strongly recommend Rimi for her pleasant nature ( you’re about to make a new friend), perseverance and patience. It is magical how Rimi captured the sweet after-taste of bitter events and handed me all the good memories.

Rimi and my conversation just ended on the note ” the world always throws challenges between us” (Sen, 2021). To harp a little further on that, I was referred to Rimi after a few bad decisions due to overseas coordination –
a. I already had a team of not-so-great photographers
b. The wedding hall was horrible, but I was looking for someone who could cover the events of the bride’s side ( mainly the warmth I share with my maternal grandparents and uncles, since they’re a huge part of my life and Telugu weddings in general).
c. I lost my maternal grandfather a week before the wedding, our worlds came crashing and so did everything we planned for the wedding. But the show had to still go on….


1. Instantly made herself available and changed her flight around.
2. We met a day before the wedding day at some sketchy make shift OYO hotel ( which was supposed to be a 5 star service apartment but I can assure you it wasn’t). We also had our rental driver follow around and make photography suggestions, but she still got the most stellar shots.
As I put it – Rimi could have been Sabya’s photographer but it’s really their loss.
3. Squeezed herself through, a once 3 day, now day long wedding, a bunch of photographers/agitated relatives on and off stage to shoot EXACTLY what I wanted ( my uncles didn’t make it, my grandparents weren’t there, but she still captured what she had to).

My husband looks back at Rimi’s pictures of my mother ( who had NO help at the wedding and NO family watch her do her first daughter’s wedding) and says – “My only solace in watching these pictures is being able to watch your mum find her moments of joy amid such tragedy.”

Thank you !”