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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, I think whoever said that probably had someone like Rimi in mind taking that picture. Choosing your wedding photographer is probably one of the hardest decisions you make. There are so many talented ones out there and you have to choose who can really capture your most important moments beautifully. I can sufficiently say after a lot of research and carefully studying portfolios and blogs we zeroed down on Rimi. I think that was one of our best decisions. Dhruvish & I are different personalities, he likes getting clicked and looks good in most of them & I am the stark opposite where I hate my pictures being taken altogether. That was our only brief to Rimi & Rahul & honestly, I was worried that I will end up being the only bride who may not look great in my pictures. Boy! was I wrong, they captured such beautiful moments of us a couple, with our families & friends. Celebrating, drunk, sober, dancing, laughing what have you, they were there for all of those. I ended up with beautiful bridal portraits and he ended up with a portfolio which is worth cataloguing but since candid is their forte we ended up with not just well shot photographs but long lasting memories. Rimi & Rahul are punctual, accommodating & go that extra mile to ensure that your wedding is as special as you imagine it in your head. I would like to congratulate Rimi on the many accolades she has already gathered and the many more to come. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a photographer or a friend. Thank you once again 😀

Tanya Srivastava via Google



Rimi and Rahul were amazing with their camera work. They’ve given us the most memorable pre-wed and wedding photos. Special thanks to Rimi for being so patient and understanding. We requested so many changes like squeezing 2 day’s of pre-wed shoot to one day and they were ready to adapt and gave their best to us even in the not so good weather conditions. It was really amazing to see how they’ve managed to get some of the most amazing shots in such a small wedding venue. We are really happy that we chose these amazing people for our wedding.

Krishna Chaitanya via WedMeGood

Rimi Sen Photography was one of the best investments of our wedding. Very high quality photos — worth every penny. The best part was, Rimi and Rahul both wants the photos to be perfect. You really rock the socks of the artist world, Rimi Sen! And we thank you forever for capturing our day in such a way that no one else could have. An absolutely sensational experience working with Rimi. She is a true artist and a master of her work. Perfect mix of gorgeous romantic pictures, candid party pictures, and fun and artistic ones that to this day I wonder how she took.

Ginny Chugh via WedMeGood



I had a very specific genre in mind when it came to my photography. I didn’t want anything run of the mill or common and our privacy was of utmost importance to us. I wanted the pictures to capture the natural emotions & environment at my wedding. I was meeting with a whole array of photographers & I realised they didn’t quite get what I needed. Then I came across Rimi Sen Photography.

When I first met Rimi to discuss my engagement photography, I realised she understood what I was looking for and patiently accepted and absorbed all of my requirements without losing her own special quirky candid touch. This reflected in the final outcome and this is what made me book them for the wedding as well. Having hired some of the best photographers for other events we can safely say that Rimi Sen Photography is not just more professional than most, but present such fabulous pictures that it is very difficult to select a few from all of their work.

Monicka Vadera via WedMeGood

Rimi and Rahul are not just amazing photographers but two really fun loving people. We did the pre-wedding and after seeing just two or three pictures, we were convinced we didn’t have to worry about the photos at all. Rimi Sen Photography covered our “two state” themed wedding and the photos have come out better than we could have ever imagined. Our only regret is if we could turn back time we would have hired them for our engagement as well. Thanks Rimi and Rahul for making these very special days even more special and for making us look like celebrities!

Sankalp Garg via WedMeGood

Rimi and Rahul are two amazing, fun-loving people. Rimi just understands you as a person and gives you what you exactly want. Not even for a moment you feel that they are your ‘photographers’ but rather they make you feel like they are your friends who want to click the best of you. Thank you team Rimi Sen Photography for making us look so good! Love you guys..

Sahana Ramanathan via WedMeGood



I browsed through the works of a LOT of candid wedding photographers before eventually setting upon Rimi Sen Photography and I am so glad I chose them. Rimi and Rahul are both really friendly, extremely talented and, as I discovered during my pre-wedding photoshoot, quite accommodating as well! They did a fabulous job during the wedding as well as pre-wedding photoshoot. They managed to capture the colours, warmth, expressions, rituals, smiles and most importantly, the madness, so beautifully. I love the pictures and everyone who has seen them has praised their work. I would highly recommend them to everyone and wish them all the best for the future, that I’m sure is going to be very bright.

Gayatri Mishra via WedMeGood

Two States a reality — A single parent, mother of the bride, inter-caste marriage, relatives-in-law with a language barrier… you name it and I had my plate full. I went through the wedding rituals in a daze, wondering if I would know what the arrangements looked like to others, how were the guests served, how were my daughter’s new family being looked after and were they even enjoying the rituals which might have seemed so different and novel to them. And after all the hullabaloo had dimmed, returning to an empty nest. Could anything be more poignant?

But hey, with Rimi and Rahul everything just got a magical touch. Their photography was so eloquent, the snapshots spoke of a tale full of happiness of family members, contentment of the bride and groom, satisfaction of elders well cared for, pleasure and fun-times with friends, satiated relatives and above all, a memory for me to enjoy as if I was present in every picture frame. Where during the ceremony I was feeling hassled and scared, going through the photos made me believe that love prevails and Rimi and Rahul were the angels who made me believe it. The function I was a part of (but naturally) but the photos which you gave us made me enjoy every micro mini second of the day, again and again and again.

I know you have gone through a lot to make this album possible, I know how photographers are treated and looked upon by the over enthusiastic self styled well meaning relatives who take it upon themselves to take ‘the best’ photo memory at the ceremony but your work does not portray any rancour at all. Be blessed Rimi and Rahul, with such talent that brings happiness in so many lives, God will definitely keep you happy always.

Arati Mavinkurve via WedMeGood



Kerala Traditional Wedding – Fast and Short: Rimi Sen Photography effortlessly nailed it! As customers, we are delighted to share that we got a perfect team who wove an aesthetically beautiful memory for us, a wedding album that we proudly say has been created by Rimi Sen Photography. The pictures look natural, at ease and artistically refined. The surroundings, natural lighting and on the spot props have been quite aptly used. Colours look elegant and soothing on eyes. Rimi and Rahul made two camera shy people look just at ease, a great effort indeed. They made us feel comfortable, happy and involved through out. These two passionate, skilled, quirky and fun photographers also turned out to be our friends, make up artists, stress busters, creative jugaadus, counsellors – what more can one ask for especially during anxious moments of wedding — a great support that will be remembered forever!

A timely delivery of photographs, album and quick responses to queries resonated Rimi Sen Photography’s professionalism. Thank you Rimi and Rahul for your incredible effort, creativity, professionalism and most importantly, being part of our new journey. You guys were an absolute delight to work with. Wishing you both a fantastic future ahead! Stay You! Love and Regards.

Prajesh & Sreepriya via WedMeGood


I still remember seeing Rimi Sen’s work on facebook in her album titled “Random Shots”, and admiring her for her talent. When she ventured into wedding photography, I couldn’t wait to have her on-board as my photographer for my then yet-to-be-fixed wedding. When my wedding date was fixed, she was an obvious choice. I must say she hasn’t let me down. She captured my wedding events better than I imagined. I am particularly impressed with my bridal portraits. Her work is admirable. At the risk of sounding clichéd, I feel her pictures seem to tell a story in themselves. Not only does she captures people beautifully, but also seizes the emotions skillfully. It is time that she seriously considers scaling-up her venture. I would be happy to recommend her. I have already started to get a lot of queries about her from within my circle. It wish her good luck for the future.

— Prachi via WedMeGood